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This could be the most boring story ever. Even though those who surround me, keep asking me to explain how I live my life.


My name is Adria Salvado and I live in a small apartment in this big city.


I do not feel as though I have a more exciting or special life than others, but I’m happy to say that I have always tried, and more or less succeed to live according to a few rules: sitting next to someone I enjoy being with, being myself and laughing at stories, always with a cup of tea, well, is one of my main rules.


The boring part is, I’m in my mid-thirties, I was born in Barcelona and photography caught me while I was spending a lot more time than needed with my high school girlfriend, in the dark room she owned at her parents home, even without a nice mattress.


but biographies are written for those who surround us…


-I love photography. You sit by my side, close to me. We start with the lasso, like cowboys, I select, I cut, I paste and voilà! a finished photo. Meanwhile, with a tea to keep us warm, we laugh at my friends, their husbands and at the fact that everyone seems to be crazier with each passing year.-


-My dirty frozen hand shakes inside a glove full of holes while it holds a plastic cup that seems heavy as hell, even though it is almost empty. I don’t even exist to those for whom I am a mere toll on their way to work, feeding their tranquil consciences with a few coins. Other than that young boy who stops for a second, he looks at me as though I were his missing father and he presents me with a tear that never falls.-


-I love him, I want him, -.. but it makes me desperate.


-There, standing, inert, absurd and body distorted. It won’t even look at me. Loveless and disdainful it waits for no-one in return for nothing. It stinks and I spit on it. Nevertheless, I’ll never know who it is.


and well, about photography? - the importance lies in the story, doesn't it? Like everything else.


(This is me, I guess.)