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    Please, kill the artist.


    Let me be far from those who love being labeled and far from those who fill this world with meaningless work, empty of subject. I express the experiences I live, the ones that build our own world and personality; I do so by being conscious of them, by composing in a simple and poetic manner, without frills, by opening my eyes and letting everything go through me.


     It's a need I have. To live what I feel, to be honest to myself, to make experiences real so I can learn about the world we are immersed in.


     I've stopped believing in magic, not because I think it may not exist, it does, but because I've found a better way to reach deeper thoughts. We forget we are drowned by fantasy, living in dreams most of the time, not aware of what we have. And the most exciting thing is to know I've found a way of being happier by questioning everything, even myself, which sometimes leads me to sincere answers.


     And for sure, I'm not unique.